Aliens abducting cow for medical research

Real aliens, in 3D. No fake flat cartoon aliens. Real glass beam. No lousy plastic.
Come's with 2 different size beams.
No cheap plastic cow. Real rubber cow beamed up, no strings attached.
Cow saved by the rope to the pole on the ground. Real fake grass.
The craft can also be put as a stand alone model.
Real light, all colour’s adjustable as you want it.
Adjust from your favourite chair, with a remote control. Flash, strobe, fade, smooth. Stunning lively cows placed as you want. One captured in the beam. Come's with additional farm animals.

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08.07 | 23:40

I have no catalog😊

07.07 | 23:54 Catalog please. 2906 Lansing Rd. Roscommon, Michigan 48653

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05.02 | 14:34

Hei. Lagde den selv av glasshyller fra en butikk . mvh
Per Olav Hofstad